Town centre lighting displays energise more than just retail sales

Often displays are aimed at a festival or limited time period. What if you could have some of that benefit all year round?

There’s no doubt that town centre lighting displays boost footfall and retail sales for a relatively small investment. But there’s a more significant opportunity many town centres miss.

The discussion goes to the heart of what we want town centres to be. If we want them to be welcoming environments where people feel safe and encouraged to walk, cycle and spend time after dark then lighting is a big part of the answer.

Getting public amenity lighting right can be the spark that energises town centres to deliver a range of benefits including:

  • An enriched leisure and cultural life.
  • Enterprise and employment opportunities.
  • Sustainability as people opt to spend leisure time close to home and without using the car.

Remember that according to the ONS 27% of the UK workforce works during the evening or night.

From functional to fabulous

Town centre lighting doesn’t have to be purely functional. Imaginative lighting doesn’t just have to be for events and festivities.

For added context, the total value of the UK nighttime economy is estimated at £70bn – so there are substantial financial benefits up for grabs for areas that get the environment right.

Options such as alternative safety lighting will positively enhance a space as well as make it somewhere that people will feel secure and welcomed. Studies show that improved street lighting can reduce crime by up to 21%.

Another option is architectural lighting to enhance buildings, reinforce the uniqueness of an area and build a strong sense of place around the clock. And, of course, there’s a multitude of motifs, strings and festoons that can be combined to create anything from the subtle to the truly spectacular.

Find out more on bringing light and vitality to city centres after dark with imaginative lighting.

Making it happen is easy

If you want to use lighting displays to re-energise your town centre call The Festive Lighting Company.

We can arrange a site visit to advise you on your most cost-effective options and then take care of detailed designs, manufacturing and installation. You can also spread the cost by hiring rather than buying your display outright.

Contact The Festive Lighting Company on 01823 667788 or

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