Festoon lighting draws the crowds all year round

Impressive lighting displays are familiar footfall boosters over the festive period. But, like pets, light shows are not just for Christmas. They’re effective ways to bring streets and open spaces to life after dark all year round.

If you want to see what really ‘going for it’ looks like, take a look down under to see how Melbourne is planning a programme of events and lighting to boost the twilight and night-time economy.

All-year illumination is for everyone. Festoon lighting can be strung between trees and street furniture to create a bright, welcoming environment. Installing this type of lighting is usually very straightforward.

Standard golf ball lamps come in red, green or blue as well as white and warm white. Or why not go for the vintage look with our warm white LED filament lamps.

Added creativity

For extra impact you can have mini motifs, knitted globes and snowfall tubes to create something totally unique that matches the mood you want to create.

You can order everything you need from our festoon lighting catalogue, including cables in 50m or 100m lengths with 1m or 33cm spacings between lamp holders.

Festoon lighting built to last

Being out literally in all weathers means that every component is robust and durable. You’ll be able to use your festoon lighting for many years.

Inexpensive to run

Our festoon lamps use modern LED technology. Each standard golf ball consumes just 0.62W of power. You really can afford to keep the lights on all year round!


We make it easy

From designing your display to health and safety assessments and installation, The Festive Lighting Company (TFLC) can take care of it all. You can choose to lease or buy your display and include inspection and maintenance in your contract.

So if you have a park, seafront, square, street or open space you want to draw people to all year round, take a look at TFLC’s festoon lighting options. Or get in touch to talk to one of our experts.

Contact The Festive Lighting Company on 01823 667788 or create@festivelighting.co.uk to find out more.

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