Our Sustainable Approach

We Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse, Rethink and Repair

As we come together to brighten our streets, communities and environments, it is important to us at The Festive Lighting Company that we also illuminate the path towards sustainability.

Our commitment to the environment shapes every aspect of our festivities, including the way we light up our surroundings. We invite our customers to join us in making a difference by adopting sustainable practices when planning and enjoying our year-round festive lighting displays.

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a responsibility we owe to our planet and future generations.

Traditional festive lighting often contributes to energy waste and environmental harm. By embracing sustainable practices, we can reduce our carbon footprint, conserve resources, and preserve the beauty of our natural world.

Our 7 Key Principles of Sustainable Festive Lighting

1. Energy Efficiency

Our lighting uses energy-efficient LED lights that consume significantly less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. LED lights not only last longer but also emit less heat, reducing the risk of fire hazards.

2. Smart Timers and Sensors

As part of our lighting schemes, we always encourage our customers to use timers to regulate the usage of festive lighting. By automatically turning off lights when not needed, we can conserve energy and lower electricity bills.

3. Reusable and Recyclable Materials

We choose decorations made from sustainable materials that are, or can be, reused or recycled. We avoid single-use plastics as much as possible and opt for biodegradable alternatives whenever we can.

Within our fantastic range of Sustainable Decorations, our 3D printed motifs are made exclusively using recycled plastics from electrical equipment. From festive stars to valentines’ hearts we have a choice of several uplifting designs to add a touch of light to any display.

4. New Technology

We choose to work with suppliers that are
focused on carbon reduction by seeking new and innovative ways of working. The majority of our motifs are manufactured from recycled PET, recyclable or recycled materials, such as aluminium and mild steel or biodegradable wicker.

The 3D printing of motifs uses approximately 20% aluminium and 80% recycled/recyclable plastic resulting in an 80% reduction in the use of aluminium compared to previous manufacturing practices.

5. Local and Handcrafted Decorations

By choosing locally sourced products and working with a local artisan business to design and manufacture a range of eco-friendly decorations, we reduce carbon emissions associated with manufacturers further afield. Our wicker designs are aesthetically pleasing whilst still being kind to the environment. They are again produced by our in-house graphics team and are based upon the natural flora and fauna of the UK.

The steel, wicker, water-based paints, and recycled plastics used in the manufacture of our sustainable summer motifs are 100% sustainable and/or recyclable with zero elements destined for landfill.

6. Minimalistic Design

We can support a minimalist approach to festive lighting, focusing on quality over quantity. Thoughtfully arranged lights and decorations can create a magical ambiance without excessive energy consumption.

7. Product Recycle (Repair)

As part of our drive towards a more sustainable operation and a reduction in our carbon footprint, where feasible we encourage our customers to refurbish any old aluminium frames. Sometimes an old design might just require a change of colour or animation to make them look completely different to their audience.

Our in-house refurbishment team can thoroughly assess a frame and provide a quote to strip, repair and add new lights reducing the planet harming use of raw materials required to manufacture new frames.

Let’s Light Up Responsibly

Together, we can transform our year round festivities into a shining example of sustainability.

By implementing these principles of sustainable festive lighting, we not only illuminate our surroundings but also illuminate the path towards a greener, brighter future for all.

Let’s celebrate with joy, creativity, and a deep commitment to our planet!

Future Vision

Our vision for the future of festive lighting revolves around achieving our Carbon Reduction Plan while maintaining the spirit and vibrancy of our seasonal festive decorations and displays.

We envision a landscape where festive lighting seamlessly integrates with sustainable practices, contributing to the overall joy and well-being of our community and planet.

Our 6 Key Measures towards a Carbon Reduction Plan

1. Transition to Renewable Energy

We have already transitioned our company vehicles to full electric and/or hybrid models. We will be looking into investing in renewable energy sources such as solar power at Head Office.
We will also look to collaborate with local utilities to procure green energy and offset our carbon emissions.

2. Energy-Efficient Technologies

We will continue to source energy-efficient LED lights, which consume less electricity and have a longer lifespan. We will also implement smart lighting systems with programmable controls and motion sensors to optimise energy usage.

3. Carbon Offsetting

We will seek to partner with carbon offsetting suppliers where possible to balance any unavoidable carbon emissions generated by our festive lighting activities.

We will seek to support reforestation projects through local community and charity initiatives, as well as looking at other nature-based solutions to capture carbon and mitigate climate change impacts.

4. Sustainable and Innovative Material Choices

We will continue to source decorations and materials from eco friendly/environmentally responsible suppliers that prioritise sustainability and ethical production practices.

We will further explore innovative materials such as recycled polymers, biodegradable options, and natural fibres for festive lighting designs.

5. Community Engagement and Education

We would like to work with our local councils and communities to launch educational campaigns to raise awareness about the environmental impact of festive lighting and our work to reduce this, and the importance of carbon reduction.

We will work to engage community members in sustainability initiatives, such as tree planting events, energy-saving challenges, and waste reduction campaigns.

6. Continuous Improvement

We will regularly assess and improve the environmental performance of our festive lighting installations through data monitoring and analysis.