Thoughtful and sustainable – our approach to lighting displays

Like most other businesses these days The Festive Lighting Company (TFLC) is obsessed with reducing costs and improving sustainability. We know that local authorities and managers of retail facilities share these priorities. We all want to save money where we can and reduce our environmental impact.

At the same time there are things we need to do if we want a thriving economy and to maintain living standards. The answer isn’t to stop doing things like lighting displays, but to do them more thoughtfully.

Sustainable lighting displays

Lighting displays obviously come into the sustainability conversation. TFLC invests heavily in finding ways to make the maximum visual impact while keeping acquisition and running costs down.

A string containing 40,000 modern LED lights has the same power consumption as an electric kettle. A modern display unit with an impressive visual impact would take 33 hours to consume a single kWh of electricity. Running costs are probably far less than you think.

Also, our motifs are built to last, which is usually the best way to boost sustainability as a large part of the carbon cost can be incurred during manufacturing. We regularly refurbish units to extend the lifetime.

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Movement and colour changes

Adding ‘movement’ and colour changes to motifs and free-standing units enhances the overall effect. With careful design you can make a memorable display with fewer elements and a lower overall manufacturing and installation cost.

Other technological advances such as outdoor projectors can create stunning dynamic effects. These are easy to install, need minimal maintenance and are inexpensive to run. You can change the projection designs to match events and festivals running throughout the year.

Spread the cost

There are more options than ever for retail centres to put on 

a memorable show and draw in the crowds while keeping costs firmly under control. With TFLC you can lease your display and roll all the maintenance and storage costs into your contract. You then have absolute certainty over your budget.

If you have any questions about lighting display running costs or sustainability we’d be delighted to answer them. Call The Festive Lighting Company on 01823 667788 or email

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