Place management for cities that never sleep

The sense of enjoyment and wonder you get in a town or city centre shouldn’t dim when the sun goes down. The night-time economy is vital for many hospitality businesses that are finding life a bit of a struggle.

Town and city centres that remain alive and vibrant at night also improve the wellbeing of residents and reduce crime and antisocial behaviour. So there’s a lot to be said for lighting up town and city centres as part of place management.

Lighting can switch people’s emotions from ‘it looks a bit gloomy and uninviting down there,’ to ‘Wow! This is an amazing space to be in.’

Stark conventional street lighting isn’t the answer. The architecture, unique character and sense of place too easily blur into the background. Towns and cities become impermeable and unwelcoming places.

Place management and street dressing

Street dressing offers a more imaginative way to bring light and vitality to city centres after dark. Lighting strategies are becoming increasingly a central feature of place management. The aim is to enhance the built environment through imaginative lighting effects.

The right lighting will encourage people to make better use of squares and open spaces. It makes people feel welcome and safe. Poorly lit spaces feel like they’re out of bounds after sundown.

Subtlety is often the key. You’re not necessarily trying to create a lighting extravaganza as you might for Christmas and other festivals. Lampposts, trees and buildings are often the most effective places to strategically place light strings, festoon and motifs.

Human scale lighting

Street dressing delivers lighting at a human scale by controlling its positioning and intensity. It’s an effective way to light up spaces while minimising light pollution. Above all, it celebrates spaces and enhances the unique architecture and character of each place.

Place management is a priority for many towns and cities. Street dressing makes lighting a critical part of that process. Contact The Festive Lighting Company on 01823 667788 or to find out more.

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