What to do with Christmas lights after Christmas?

A Christmas lighting display is one of the great attractions for town centres and shopping districts over the festive period. Illuminations draw in visitors, add to the sense of occasion, and often generate positive press and social media coverage for the area.

But what should you do when the festivities are over? Christmas lighting displays can be substantial installations, never mind a substantial investment. And while they’re robust enough to cope with outdoor life, they also need careful handling to maintain them in top condition.

Year-round installations

One option is to carry on using the display – or at least elements of it. Why shouldn’t your town centre benefit from the attraction – along with the extra footfall and sales – all year round?

Perhaps the Santas, floor-standing Christmas trees and reindeer will need to go under wraps for another year, but it’s possible to design the installation so that key elements can be retained and bring pleasure to your visitors all year round.

Secure storage and protection

For Christmas lighting displays that are just for the season, the next question is how they can be stored securely and protected so that they’re ready for rapid installation a year later.

As we said earlier, Christmas lighting displays are substantial investments, which makes them a target for thieves. They also need to be handled with care to make sure they give pleasure for many years. It isn’t just a question of finding space – it’s finding the right kind of space.

That’s why The Festive Lighting Company (TFLC) offers maintenance and secure storage for all of our lighting installations. Our customised design service will also find innovative ways to create year-round lighting that can be supplemented with Christmas elements when the time’s right.

This is all part of the end-to-end service we offer to ensure you get the maximum benefit with the minimum amount of work or inconvenience. Call us on 01823 667788 or email at create@festivelighting.co.uk.

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