Lighting displays bigger and more spectacular than you can imagine

What does it take to create a lighting display that delivers impact? A lot of imagination for one thing, plus plenty of experience and technical know-how.

A challenge with any scale lighting spectacle is ‘filling the space’. With ongoing developments in lighting technology, illuminating anything from a single tree to an entire village has never been easier or more impactful.

From vibrant static colours right up to powerful DMX controlled floodlights, we can help you to colour wash entire buildings, trees and landscapes with ease and create large scale, impressive displays.


Large scale lighting displays

It’s time to think big.

Our new RGBW Floodlights are ideal for creating large scale lighting displays. Available in two specifications, these lights can create spectacular, vibrant outdoor displays with ease. From colour changing and frequency programming, these DMX controlled floodlights provide a variety of choice and the multiple connections allow a large expanse of area to be lit.

Here to help

If reading through our new brochure sparks your imagination, get in contact today and our consultants will help you deliver your lighting aspirations. We’ll work with you from the earliest conceptual stage and see opportunities you might not have considered. We’ll show you practical cost-effective ways to bring your vision to life.

TFLC will help switch on your imagination so your festive lighting display delivers all the impact you hoped for – and maybe a bit more.

Let’s get started. Contact The Festive Lighting Company on 01823 667788 or

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