The one thing you need to know to bring a lighting display to your town

How much do you need to know if you want to put on a great lighting show in your town centre? Despite all the apparent complexity, it might just come down to one small piece of vital information. But let’s look first at why it might be seen as complex. 

To create a lighting display the first thing you need to know is how to design one. And not just any old display – one that’s going to turn heads and make jaws drop. This is a blend of visual creative flair and detailed product knowledge so you know what options you have to play with. 

You’ll also need to know how to produce a project plan that ensures your display elements will be designed, manufactured and tested ready for the big switch on. 


Then there’s the technical part. You want all the elements of the display to stay in the desired location. Some elements need very secure anchor points because of their weight or size. It’s obviously vital to get this right. 

Electricity in outdoor environments can create a hazard. That’s why there are strict regulations about how to connect to power supplies and how to insulate electrical components against the elements or tampering fingers. 

Some parts of the display might be mounted on buildings or street lighting columns. Again, there are right (and some very wrong) ways to do this. You can’t afford to get any of this wrong. 


The physical installation and taking down of the display will involve working at height on mobile elevated platforms, which needs special care and attention if you’re in a busy town centre or shopping district. 

There’s also the whole logistical operation of shipping your display to the location and finding somewhere safe to store it after it’s taken down. 

That probably sounds like a daunting list of requirements and responsibilities. You can substitute all of it with a single piece of knowledge: the phone number of The Festive Lighting Company Ltd 01823 667788.  

Call our number, tell us what it is you want to achieve, and we can take care of everything. If you want to understand more about the process, we also have some handy step-by-step user guides to help.

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