Put a Spring into retail sales at any time of year

Spring is the traditional period of renewal and regeneration. It’s when people have always celebrated emerging from the icy depths of winter to look forward to better times.

Could retail centres tap into this spirit and use festivals, events and lighting displays to spread a bit of the feelgood factor?

Spring brings with it a few opportunities to give retail sales a lift. The Chinese New Year and Easter are the most prominent. Many towns have their own special days and events that could be exploited and enhanced by display lighting.

If there’s no suitable event, why not create one? The Bristol Light Festival is designed to attract visitors during the post-Christmas lull. The BID reported the following results from their 2022 Festival:

  • 170,000 visitors to the city centre
  • An additional £3.4m spend
  • 72% ate or drank at local bars and restaurants
  • 3% went shopping

The lights were the attraction. They were all the reason people needed to visit the city centre and hang around for a while. With some imagination and careful planning, footfall and retail spend can be boosted even in the most difficult times.

What’s stopping your area from benefitting?

There could be several reasons why traders in your area aren’t benefitting from a footfall-boosting light show. Often these are much less of a problem than you imagine.

Budget: there are many options for making your lighting display more cost effective without losing impact. You can also spread the cost over several years. It’s easy to assume it’ll be too expensive but you’ll never know until you ask. So why not get in touch and explore your options?

Expertise: you may never have organised a lighting display before, but we have. Hundreds of times. We have step-by-step guides to design, installation and safety compliance and we can organise the whole thing for you.

Storage: maybe you don’t have the space to store your display afterwards? We can do that for you, including take-down, careful packing and transport. Everything is safe and secure until you need it again.

Find out more by getting in touch with The Festive Lighting Company on 01823 667788 or email create@festivelighting.co.uk today.

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