Projectors bring spectacle and awe to the darker months

While town centres and leisure destinations bask in summer sun and balmy evenings, let’s not forget how quickly the nights draw in once autumn arrives.

That’s not us trying to spoil the party. It’s more a case of encouraging you to prepare for the next one. Get ready to shine some light and wonder into the darker months and the festivals that come with them.

Here’s how you can make it easy and affordable:

Easy installation

From Halloween to Easter, LED projectors are a simple way to bring dramatic rotating or static lighting effects to any space. They’re easy to install and simple to maintain.

You can project onto walls, buildings or paved surfaces to set the festive mood and direct footfall.

The Festive Lighting Company (TFLC) catalogue has everything you need, including projectors, GOBOs (Go Between Options) and accessories..

There are projectors with lens sizes from 45-150mm for the optimal combination of projection distance and image size. TFLC will help you select the ideal product if you need advice and guidance.

A GOBO for every occasion

GOBOs are the glass disks that sit in front of the light source to project your chosen image. Ours are precision etched to produce a high resolution image.

What you choose to project is up to you. It could be a photo, logo, bespoke design or something chosen from our range of dozens of off-the-shelf GOBOs. These are designed to suit Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Valentine’s, St Patrick’s Day and more.

Projectors change the mood in minutes

Changing the theme from Halloween, to Christmas, to New Year, to Chinese New Year, to Valentines, to Easter couldn’t be simpler. Just a quick swap of the GOBO and you’re ready to go.

You can see our standard range of projectors, accessories and GOBOs in our catalogue.

Alternatively, contact The Festive Lighting Company on 01823 667788 or

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