Perhaps the best tip ever for storing festive lighting displays safely

At the start of the festive period households across the country will have been through the annual ordeal of untangling Christmas lights – and then getting them to work. Many will have been wishing they’d taken more care packing them away. 

If safely storing Christmas lights seems like a problem when all you want to do is illuminate a single tree, imagine the storage issues if you were trying to light up an entire town centre. 

Daunting as it might sound, the answer is actually quite simple: let The Festive Lighting Company (TFLC) give your display the TLC it deserves. 

We know from conversations with town centre and BID managers that storage is one of the biggest concerns when they are thinking about investing in a spectacular lighting display.  

This is understandable. A lighting display is a significant cost, whether you buy outright or spread the expense over multiple years. Finding somewhere safe and secure to store everything between displays isn’t always easy. 

Secure storage made easy 

It’s why many of our clients decide to add secure storage to their hire contract. With a multi-year hire contract from TFLC we remove all issues around storage. We can deliver, install, remove and store the entire lighting scheme for the duration of this the contract, leaving our customers to concentrate upon their day job rather than fretting about where to store a cone tree! Our expert team of installers and warehouse operatives will keep it in our secure storage facilities ready for next time. 

When you decide to rent your display, maintenance and refurbishment to keep everything in top condition are included. This makes budgeting much simpler and improves cash flow management. It also saves the problem of getting approval for up-front capital investment. 

When the next festival or festive period comes around we will unpack the display, clean or replace any elements in need of attention, and then reinstall it to comply with the latest health and safety regulations. 

There really isn’t anything you need to worry about other than how to make the most of the opportunity to attract more visitors to enjoy the shops, cafes, bars and restaurants in your local area. 

An eye-catching lighting display is a proven way to boost retail footfall and sales. If practical considerations such as design, budgeting, safety, maintenance or storage are holding you back, there’s no need to worry. TFLC has the breadth of expertise to fill any gaps and make the entire process as painless as it possibly could be. 

Call The Festive Lighting Company on 01823 667788 or email to find out more. 

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