More sustainable and lower cost – what’s not to like?

Cost efficiency will remain a priority for local authorities, BIDs and retail developments – certainly for 2023. And sustainability is a goal that will become even more significant. 

So why not combine the best of both worlds and still bring some seasonal cheer to town centres and shopping districts? 

The Festive Lighting Company (TFLC) has a stunning range of refurbished ex-hire motifs available for you to buy or hire.  


We love it when our refurbished ex-hire motifs find a new home. Sustainability matters to us and extending the life of display elements makes us feel good. 

By choosing refurbished motifs you’re doing your bit for the planet. There are also significant savings to be had compared to the cost of new motifs. And to be honest, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between new and used once they’ve been through our rigorous refurbishment and testing process. 

Plenty to choose from 

Our latest stock catalogue includes over 100 column motif designs, 70-plus designs of cross-street motifs and over 100 stunning 3D motif designs, including many refurbished units at highly competitive prices. There’s bound to be something there to suit every need and budget. 


Every unit goes through a rigorous 11-point testing process and they’re shipped fully PAT tested. Ex-hire units come with a 12-month warranty against manufacturing faults.  

If you choose to buy from our range of brand-new units they come with a two-season warranty from the date of the invoice. 

Hired motifs are covered under the terms of the hire agreement. 

How to buy 

Budget or sustainability issues shouldn’t stop the show. 

Download and have a browse through our catalogue now. 

To find out more about our refurbished ex-hire motifs call us on 01823 667788 or email

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