It’s not too late to give retail centres a boost with Christmas lights

There’s no doubt that soaring energy bills and the cost of living crisis are making many families think hard about how and where they spend their money. For town centres and shopping districts, this raises the stakes even higher for the peak Christmas shopping period.

If previous recessions are anything to go by, shoppers will delay buying big ticket items and be on the lookout for bargains. And for most people, internet shopping is where they search. So physical retailers and the organisations that support them will probably have to work even harder this year to secure their share of Christmas spending.

Ways to make Christmas feel special

Many families will have less available cash to indulge in the Christmas spirit. So what other opportunities are there to help make the season special? One option would be to visit their local shopping district that has been especially brightened up for the occasion.

To boost sales, you need more footfall. BIDs and town centre managers are looking at measures such as free parking, stalls and street entertainment to entice people in. It also makes sense to consider the overall appeal of the physical environment and particularly its visual impact.

Enhancing the retail space

It’s probably too late to commission a full-on Christmas lighting spectacle – but there are many smaller-scale enhancements (perhaps in addition to your regular festive or street lighting) that can help make the environment feel more inviting and special.

An illuminated ‘gift box’ entrance to a walkway or retail space is a dramatic and relatively easy way to make a statement. You can also help shoppers become part of your marketing community: a bauble seat selfie point is a fantastic opportunity to encourage shoppers to record their visits and entice friends and family to do the same.

There are also lamppost motifs and cross-street displays that The Festive Lighting Company can help you position to make the biggest impact. And you can spread the cost over a three-year hire purchase period if you choose.

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