How we simplify health and safety for public lighting displays

Health and safety may not be everyone’s favourite topic of conversation – but it’s one of ours. And when you consider the multiple risks that have to be managed for a public lighting display, it becomes clear why safety is a major driver for our business.

Health and safety can seem daunting. But there’s no reason why it should be an obstacle to brightening up town centres to increase footfall and boost the night time economy.

The regulations and guidelines affecting the health and safety of public lighting displays are frequently updated. The Festive Lighting Company (TFLC) keeps on top of any changes so that our installations always comply with the latest standards of electrical safety.


Detailed design considerations include the location of isolators, secure junction boxes and earthing points so that installations are easy and safe to maintain and protected from the elements and the risk of vandalism. We also ensure that anchor points for lighting elements including aerial and cross-street effects are secure and able to cope with the planned load.

The design process might also consider ‘external’ factors such as the safety of pedestrians and road users. This can involve ensuring that steps, ramps and level changes are highlighted, or avoiding distractions or effects that would make junctions, crossings and high risk areas less noticeable.


Controlling the manufacturing process is another feature of our end-to-end service. We only work with established, trusted and quality assured suppliers to ensure that all components and assemblies are fully compliant with relevant standards and thoroughly tested and certified.


Installations are always carefully managed to minimise the risks to our teams and to the general public. We often carry out installations overnight to simplify the public safety aspects.

Our installation teams are SafeContractor approved and comply with all relevant safety standards and codes of practice. TFLC is also a member of the Institute of Lighting Professionals.


The design process aims to ensure that access for inspections and repairs is as simple as possible. If required as part of our contract, TFLC will also undertake routine inspections of the wiring and connections and functional checks including insulation resistance and electric strength.

Risk management

At the heart of our approach to health and safety is robust risk management that assesses, quantifies and mitigates all potential risks. We also offer complete transparency to our clients so they can be assured that health and safety risks are professionally managed at all times.

So, while we can’t simplify the regulations and best practice guidelines, we can make it simple for our clients to maintain compliance by taking care of all the details for you.

Contact us on 01823 667788 or to see how we can help boost your footfall and retail spending while ensuring total safety compliance.

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