How to brighten up a shopping district without breaking the bank

Even though the evenings are starting to get lighter, it can still be challenging to draw people in to town centres and leisure destinations. With imaginative lighting features and innovative technology, creating a welcoming and attractive lit environment on a manageable budget has never been easier.  

Here are our top 5 tips: 

Know the cost 

Modern lighting products with the latest LED technology cost far less to run than ever before.  

Spread the cost 

The Festive Lighting Company (TFLC) offers a hire purchase option that allows you to pay for your display over a number of years while enjoying all the economic benefits from day one. 

Use what you have 

Much of the ‘infrastructure’ you need to carry your display already exists. Motifs attached to lampposts or buildings can be highly effective yet easy to install. 

Strategic design 

Lighting up your whole space might be beyond your budget. Our regional account managers have the expertise to help you visualise a display that will deliver maximum impact for your budget. They can help you identify where lighting will have the biggest commercial impact and which types of display will work best to make a welcoming, fun environment. 


Modern high-power outdoor projectors are easy to install and can make a dramatic impact. Able to be projected onto various surfaces from buildings to paving or grass, projectors can be a great option for temporary displays and one-off events. With various designs suitable from Valentine’s Day to Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day to Christmas, our GOBOs can create year-round interest, helping you to make the most of your projector. 

Times may be hard and finances may be tight, but this needn’t stop the light show. Contact The Festive Lighting Company on 01823 667788 or to find out more. 

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