Find all your lighting display options in one place

There is such a vast choice of lighting display components and styles, it’s sometimes a job to know where to start. With 3D features, Cross Street and Column motifs, decorative lighting and projections, knowing what’s available and what would work best for you can be difficult.  

With our new catalogue, making these decisions has never been easier. From motifs to festoon, walk-through features to GOBO projectors and all the necessary accessories you’ll need, you’ll be able to find what you need to start creating your lighting scheme. 

To make life easy the catalogue is split into three sections: Decorative Lighting & Accessories, Column and Cross Street Motifs, and 3D Motifs. 

Seeing is believing 

Our high quality images and in-situ examples will give you an idea of what could be created using our products. Throughout the catalogue you’ll find QR codes you can scan to access a YouTube clip to show our colour changing products as well as any special effects in action. 

Made to order options 

Whilst there are many motifs in the catalogue, we understand you may want something a little more personalised. We also create bespoke motifs to order, for example, reflecting corporate colour schemes and logos. Due to the bespoke nature of these items, they do have a longer lead time and the ideal time to start the process is spring or early summer. 

Putting it all together 

If you are still unsure where to start, we are on hand to help. Our regional account managers have the expertise to help you visualize a display that will deliver maximum impact for your budget.  

The Festive Lighting Company can take care of everything, including health and safety risk assessments, installation, take-down and storage. You can also spread the cost of your display over a number years. 

TAKE A LOOK AT THE BROCHURE and then call us on 01823 667788 to talk through your ideas and needs.  

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