Because choice and customer service are important

Choice and customer service seem harder to come by in so many areas of modern commerce.

Some supermarkets make anyone who would prefer to interact with a person scan their own groceries instead. Banks are closing branches and leaving online, chatbots and call centres as your only options.

The Festive Lighting Company (TFLC), on the other hand, is all about offering choice and putting customers in charge. For example, we give you the choice of whether to buy your lighting display outright or spread the cost over several years with a hire contract.

You also have the choice between self-installation (with helpful step-by-step user guides) or our specialists handling it for you. You can do your own risk assessments or we can prepare them for you.

As a customer of TFLC you can be as involved or as hands-off as you like throughout the entire process: from the site survey, to design, installation, take-down, storage and maintenance, we’re there to provide the service you’ll find most valuable.

If you want us to manage it all, we will.

Product Choice

Choice also extends to the sheer range of lighting display products. Our online catalogue contains hundreds of products and variations for motifs, free-standing units, strings, festoons and projectors.

All you need to do is switch on your imagination (with a little help from your account manager) and choose the lighting display components that will deliver the biggest impact for your budget.

People find our online catalogues really helpful when it comes to making the right choice. They’re easy to search through and have high quality images so you can see exactly what you’re buying.

If you prefer the printed page we also have a published catalogue that you can look through with your account manager to help you find the ideal lighting products.

We’re there to guide, support and help at every stage – but you’re always the one in charge.

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